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ver mujeres policias bonitasver mujeres policias bonitas End of Year Report.
2010 was a very busy year for the charity both in terms of uptake of our services and fund raising activities. To this extent as a result of our fund raising activities we were able to reduce the level of donation required from user groups from previously £100/day in 2008 to £80/day in 2009 to finally a minimum donation of  £50/day for upto 40 participants in 2010 .
Thanks in no small part to the co-operation received from various supermarkets the minimum donation level for 2011 will be maintained at £50/day to user groups and to this extent Angling First Ltd would very much like to thank the following supermarkets:

Angling First Ltd would also very much like to thank the following funder's who supported us:
Lloyds TSB Foundation for N.Ireland
BBC Children in Need
Craigavon and Banbridge Volunteer Bureau

2010 was a significant year for the charity in terms of VIP visits with the PSNI Chief Constable Mr Matt Baggot and the Dept Culture Arts and Leisure Minister Mr Nelson McCausland paying our facility a visit.
2010 was also a good year for the recruitment of volunteers with our first female volunteer Miss Rebecca Kirk along with her partner Mr Darragh Toal going through the volunteer recruitment procedure.To this extent Angling First Ltd would very much like to thank all of the volunteers who made 2010 a very successful year and no doubt 2011 will be just as busy.
Looking ahead to 2011 and with the completion of a fully automated pumping system to ensure good water quality there will also be the introduction of some large carp to compliment the existing stocks of carp present whilst maintaining the policy of stocking rainbow trout.
To all the groups that used us in 2010, Angling First Ltd would very like to thank you and we will look forward to hopefully hearing from you in 2011.
Mark McGivern